House goes here

It started with a dream (and buying a lot)

Months later…

This was an exciting day

Taking shape

Every step of the construction process was exciting

Of course, it rained

Rain doesn't stop building in Oregon

The view through the rafters

This was my last view of the sky through the rafters!

Living room, forest view

The living room was much more comfortable once there was a roof.

Windows, and view

I reversed the floor plan to capture this view of the Port of Brookings Harbor and, of course, the Pacific Ocean.


Finally get the final inspection – then the hard work of moving in and landscaping begins (to be continued...)

Yes, you can build a new home in Brookings – I did!

 Of course, I had to write in the fresh concrete! That’s part of the fun of building a home.

Building a home is not for everyone, but it was my dream. I fell in love with the wonderful view of Brookings and the Port of Brookings Harbor high on a hill south of the Chetco River.

I purchased my lot in March 2015 and began construction in January 2018. Finally, in July 2018, my home was complete. (The landscaping is a work in progress!)

I looked at many options for home-building and decided on one that worked for my budget. This required me to do some work to find contractors for site prep and also the daily clean-up. It was challenging at times, but I learned a lot.

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